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Dear White People

"Dear White People was already angling to be one of the most topical, important and hilarious comedies of the year after tantalizing audiences with an electric teaser trailer last month (which has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times) and an excellent series of tongue-in-cheek PSAsWith the official trailer released today, it cemented itself as just that.”

Catch the official trailer here!

"Undress Me"

Strangers Undress Each Other on Film & What Happens Next Is…

Article via; Video created by, once again, Tatia Pllieva.

Just lovin’ these series.

And finally, Masters of Sex Season 2! YAAASSS

This Artist Takes These Silly Doodles And Makes Them…Awesome.

David Jablow is a multi-media artist. One of the more interesting things he’s done are series based on mid-20th century “doodle pads:” notepads printed with suggestive pictures of women in provocative poses. These relics were intended for bawdy scrawlings, but Jablow takes them to a new level ENTIRELY…


He started with this image…


And imagined her fighting crime….


Taking out bad guys…


Preparing to infiltrate enemy camps…


And more…





This is based on an old spanking fetish pin-up trope, but Jablow’s pen takes it in COMPLETELY different directions…

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This gets me every time.

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